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Wed, Apr 19


Virtual Event

Aries New Moon Intention Setting & Sound Bath

Take time out to connect with the energy of this New Moon. Set intentions for this next cycle and enjoy a relaxing, nurturing sound bath!

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Aries New Moon Intention Setting & Sound Bath
Aries New Moon Intention Setting & Sound Bath

Time & Location

Apr 19, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

Virtual Event

About the event


I invite you to join me in connecting with the present astrological archetypes guiding and supporting our inner nature at this time. Share sacred space and community to consciously work with this beautiful collective and personal astrological medicine during this New Moon in Aries (Tropical Astrology).


I'm super excited to share this with you. We will look at our birth charts to see what house the new moon is taking place in for us. Please bring your birth chart to this virtual event, printed out or on your phone/computer. If you don't have access to your birth chart or know how to pull it up, there will be an option upon signing up to provide your birth information, and I will e-mail you a copy before the event. If you aren't sure of your birth info, that is okay. You can invite yourself to set your intentions for this new moon intuitively! :)

✨Opening our virtual sacred space with a guided visualization

✨Introductions and one statement of gratitude

✨Collective astrology chat to highlight areas that may be supportive of focusing on for releasing or planting depending on the season you are within

✨Guided visualization to support collective energy expression in your own life

✨Journaling with guided writing prompts, or you may allow your intuition to guide you

✨Enjoy a relaxing sound bath, or as I call it, a sonic massage for your soul!

✨Opening the space for group sharing

✨Ground visualization/closing of virtual sacred space


✨I recommend using a computer and headphones for this virtual event. Stereo audio will add to the experience, and the Zoom mobile app doesn't support stereo audio (audio will be mono).

✨ Allow yourself to get as comfortable as possible. Anywhere in your home that allows you to be the most comfortable will work. You can utilize a yoga mat, bed, couch, chair, pillows, and blankets. Be comfortable.

✨A pillow or two to use for added support for your body

✨A blanket or two to cover yourself up as you lay down or sit

✨ A covering to put over your eyes

✨Clothing that is comfortable, breathable, and loose

✨A journal or something to write on and with

✨Water to stay hydrated and maybe a cup of tea or your favorite warm beverage :)

✨Grab any of your favorite crystals, light a candle or incense, and allow your intuition to flow to add to your experience of this virtual sacred space


Our bodies are natural healers, so it's a gift to ourselves when we allow ourselves to shift from a normal waking state (beta) to a relaxed state (alpha), dreamlike state (theta), and even a therapeutic state (delta). A sound bath is given by playing different musical instruments to support allowing the body, mind, and spirit to reach a delta state of relaxation so healing may occur on each level within your energetic body. Each sound played works at a cellular level as a sonic massage to act as a tuner. You may allow any physical, mental, or spiritual disharmonious spots to be re-harmonized. Improved immunity, reduced stress levels, and increased longevity are some benefits that may arise from attending sound baths.


Lisette is a healing practitioner, intuitive guide, and creative. Passionate about sharing thoughts, experiences, and information that support expanding our awareness. She creates sacred space for others along their spiritual journey, meeting them where they are.

She believes all aspects of life are beautiful once we can allow ourselves to shift our perspectives. One of her favorite activities is to allow herself to become an observer. When she allows herself to connect with this space, it provides a new level of awareness within her psyche. With added understanding, it expands her heart. With each expansion, she can meet her inner and external life from this simplistic essence of love that exists within everything. Her goal is to allow herself to express her most authentic embodiment in this life so she may share and inspire others to embrace the perfection that they already are in this present moment. Her goal is to bring awareness to one's actions and choices so they may align with their purest 'self' without distortion.


Refunds will only be honored one day before the event. You will not receive a refund if you purchase a same-day ticket and cancel. Please note that in the event of cancellation due to an emergency on the facilitator's end, refunds will be given to each attendee. If you have any questions or an emergency and can no longer attend on the event's day, please e-mail I appreciate your understanding. 🙏🏽

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