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Fri, Jul 29


Balboa Drive & 8th Drive (Marston Point)

"I AM" New Moon | Integrative Workshop & Reiki Sound Bath

A gathering to reignite the awareness of the "I AM" presence within each of us. That fire the embers in our heart center ready to light up our inner and outer worlds!

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"I AM" New Moon | Integrative Workshop & Reiki Sound Bath
"I AM" New Moon | Integrative Workshop & Reiki Sound Bath

Time & Location

Jul 29, 2022, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

Balboa Drive & 8th Drive (Marston Point), Balboa Dr, San Diego, CA, USA

About the event

This event is to create a sacred space so that we may consciously reconnect with the "I AM" presence that is our purest embodiment. We will co-create a sacred space so we may consciously bring awareness to old stories that we are holding onto. Allowing us to release those that no longer serve us for our highest and greatest good. That way we can align and create the store that the voice in our hearts has been waiting to tell.

Event outline:

6:30 PM - Opening Meditation (10min)

6:40 PM - Introductions/Setting Intentions (10min)

6:50 PM - Sharing How "IAM" Experience Will Flow (5min)

6:55 PM - "IAM" Reconnection (10 min each per person in groups of two)

7:15 PM - Journaling Clarity (10 min)

7:25 PM - Sound Bath & Reiki (30min)

7:55 PM - Grounding Visualization (5min)


8:00 PM Mini Readings with Shaye (30min)

8:30 PM Closing of Sacred Space


A sound bath is given by playing different musical instruments to support with allowing the body, mind, and spirit to reach a state of relaxation so healing may occur on each level. As you lay down and each sound is played it will act as a tuner so your energetic field may allow any disharmonious spots to be re-harmonized. For this specific sound bath quartz crystal singing bowls will be used.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique that facilitates relaxation and stress reduction. Many of you may be familiar with Ki, Chi, Qi, Prana, Ti, or biofield energy. These are all essentially the same essence of life force energy present and moving through all living organisms. This force allows all living things on this planet and in the universe to exist. It is non-physical yet omnipresent. If life is existing, then so is that life force energy. Reiki is channeling that life force energy in a conscious way to another or oneself to facilitate healing, making it a simple yet powerful technique. We all have access to this energy, as it is limitless when we tap into it intentionally.


  • A yoga mat or blanket to lay on
  • A pillow or two to use for added support for your body
  • A blanket to cover yourself up as you lay down
  • A covering to put over your eyes
  • Please wear clothing that is comfortable, breathable, and loose
  • Water to stay hydrated :)
  • Journal and something to write with 


Lisette Archer-Barber is a certified Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master and Sound Healing Accredited Practitioner. She is passionate about connecting and understanding the divine energy that exists within everything. Each time in her life when she has felt she has figured it out there is always more to dive into and learn. Her goal is to bring awareness to one's actions and choices so they may be aligned to their purest 'self' without distortion. She creates sacred space for others along their spiritual journey meeting them where they are at.

IG: @illuminatingcrossroads


Shaye is a Las Vegas native tarot reader who has been reading tarot for over 6 years. She was taught by her college advisor who offered profesional readings on the side. Her mother exposed her to spirituality at a young age, showing her how to dowse, providing tarot readings, and discussing astrology with her. She has been captivated by all things metaphysical ever since. She has always possessed strong intuitive abilities and began to read tarot professionally shortly after the pandemic started to help offer guidance and support to others during such uncertain times. In February 2022 she began to further her spiritual journey by taking classes to become a certified reiki practitioner through the Shamanic Soul Center. Shaye is very passionate about helping others along their journeys by offering support as they heal and grow. Her goal is to assist clients in connecting to their higher selves and guides so they can obtain clarity and inner peace that will help them align with what is for their highest and greatest good. 

IG: @divinelyguided27



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