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Divine guidance within our subconscious mind is always present. It unlocks a doorway to conscious reconnection with the depths of our soul and the Divine. There are many ways that one can contemplate. Here, we focus on archetypal observation. This involves Intuitive Astrology, using oracle and tarot cards to understand oneself or a situation. Looking at the symbols and messages allows for more understanding, compassion, and the illumination of your characteristics, actions, and emotional cycles. We are creating a sacred space of illumination for your spiritual evolution.

Star Cluster

Intuitive Astrology
Natal + Transits Chart Reading

Explore your energetic blueprint and spiritual evolution through cosmological archetypes for growth and fulfillment. Delve into self-discovery and enlightenment to uncover insights and wisdom, guiding you on a clear pathway forward towards transformation and purposeful existence.

90 Minutes 


Moon Stages

Moon Medicine
Astrology + Oracle Card Reading

This session guides you in harnessing the New and Full Moons to align with your natal chart, clarifying goals, refining desires, and nurturing a connection with celestial bodies for co-creation with the Divine and Higher Self, manifesting desires effortlessly. Allowing you to honor your true creative expression.

30 Minutes 


How does Intuitive Astrology work?

Intuitive Astrology uses the power of the planets, luminaries, archetypes, cycles, and seasons to provide insight into personal growth and understanding of the present crossroads the client may face. These sessions combine Astrology with Tarot and Oracle cards to better understand the client's natal birth chart and current transits. Through introspection and reflection, Intuitive Astrology provides a roadmap for the client to navigate with more ease and better understand themselves and their journey.

This session is for you if you want to:

  • Honor the archetypes that embody the core of your experience

  • Understand your cycles and seasons

  • Find more peace and love within your life

  • Make sense of your current experiences

  • Reconnect with your authenticity

  • Understand the significance of past events to get more clarity on your path


Join our monthly
New Moon Circle at Sojourn Healing Collective

The next gathering is on August 3, 2024 from 7pm - 9pm

Nurture yourself in a community gathering focusing on the New Moon in Leo. Learn about Leo's influence and engage in activities like intention setting and energy center activation.

Open to all levels of experience with the lunar cycle.

What to bring: please bring a journal, pen, and dress comfortably.

Energy Exchange: Self $40 or Bring a friend with you $70

Working with Lisette was such a pleasure. She was extremely professional & made me feel very comfortable. I felt a true connection while Reiki was being performed & left feeling lighter. I would recommend Lisette to anyone looking for an amazing Reiki experience. 💜🙌🏻

Karen T.

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