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2023 Pisces New Moon: Unlocking Inner Abundance by Transitioning from Fear to Love

Happy New Moon in Pisces!

2/19/2023 @ 11:50 PM PST

San Diego, CA, USA

This New Moon is taking place at one degree of Pisces. So you'll want to see where that falls within your astrological birth chart if you'd like to work with this new moon intentionally.

What does the New Moon in Pisces represent at this time?

Pisces is opening the door for one to connect deeper with compassion, intuition, and intimacy. There is this call to let divine union take place with one's higher self if you want to initiate that relationship more deeply within your current reality. Pisces is a mutable water sign. It is much more flexible and readily embraces change as long as it resonates with its heart, allowing you to connect with new possibilities and have unlimited vision within your internal or external worlds.

With Pisces, there's this essence of unity and connection with all things. Now is an excellent time for you to find balance and harmony within the current space that you're in—but see how you can shift to find more love within your life, not just romantically but also platonically. Love for all things. Finding the beauty and depth within each moment you experience physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

What are supportive intentions and reflections to have at this time?

This new moon is excellent for setting intentions around receiving divine inspiration, reconnecting with your inner creative, deepening relationships you have, or allowing yourself to be in the highest alignment of self. A door is open for coming together and sharing your truth, your purpose in this lifetime, with others. What is the thing deep within your soul that you want to share and express?

Jupiter is traditionally Pisces's planetary ruler, and Jupiter is currently in Aries. This archetypal combo asks, what is it that you're finally ready to close out within your life that you have been super defensive towards or operating in the space of fear around within your life? What's blocking your vision toward abundance on all levels? How can you allow yourself to shift any fear into love, and into passion? How can you be brave as you move forward and trust that the Divine is protecting you and guiding you throughout your movement? How can you allow for more flow and ease within your life?

Do you have any shadows that are ready to be illuminated?

Lilith is in Leo. This divine feminine essence within you that may have felt silenced for so long is ready to be healed so that you can allow yourself to be in flow. To illuminate your self-confidence and show loyalty within yourself, honoring who you are and your creative expression. And this new moon is tying in so beautifully with the full moon in Leo that we just had. Let the divine essence within you radiate into the world!

Also, allow your inner child to fully merge into who you are right now. If you strayed away from that innocence within your life, give yourself a call to action to see what you can add to your routine or your days or weeks that will allow you to find more playfulness and joy—allowing you to see the entire body of water within the ocean of divine love. The abundance of love and pleasure that is omnipresent for you. Looking at the bigger picture and not just focusing on a single drop. The illusion of lack is wanting to dissolve once and for all.

Allow for creative inspiration and interaction to support you at this time!

If you feel called to music or art, follow that calling. It can be very therapeutic, allowing you to be grounded and present in each moment. Playing healing frequencies in the background as you tend to your daily tasks or listening to music that brings you joy is suggested. Be truly mindful of the words you're listening to and the words you're allowing into your mind and space. Not only in the music but in the conversations around you, in addition to the conversations that occur within you. If it resonates, allow yourself to set the intention to let your mind be a sacred space that you co-create within each moment. Allow yourself the invitation to go beyond the mind.

Discernment is key.

Having discernment is super important as you allow your body, mind, and soul to integrate at this time. Remember that your inner sanctuary is divine, and you can trust that inner vision within your heart. Take extra time to build more of a connection with your intuition. Minimize outside chatter to ensure you know what is truly you and for you. Allow yourself to trust within yourself and the divine essence that exists all around you. Be firm in your boundaries and allow yourself to move intentionally and confidently.

Reflect with Saturn and plant these new moon seeds.

A time of reflecting on the past two or three years is supportive. As we have Saturn coming towards its end in Aquarius, see what things Saturn restructured in your life—allowing for proper integration as we get ready and gear up to have Saturn ingress into Pisces. We move into the spring season within a few weeks. This new moon is a time to have optimism and to be innovative, allowing yourself to know that there is no end to the possibilities that can take place within your life. Let spring be a true time of blossoming this year. Allow yourself to be dreamy in the Pisces essence and go to areas you've never dreamt of, call back soul fragments, and accept the invitation to unlock any gifts. Any spiritual gifts you may have had in past times to be able to come to the surface for you more consciously during this moment.

I hope this supports you well, and have a tremendous NEW MOON!

With love and a pure heart of intention,

Lisette 🤍✨

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