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Full Moon in Aquarius 2023: Honoring the Divine Masculine to Co-Create with the Divine Feminine

Aquarius Full Moon Astrology Chart
August 1, 2023 @ 11:31:39 am, San Diego, CA, USA

This upcoming Full Moon is taking place within the sign of Aquarius. There is something sweet about this Full Moon, and I haven't quite put my finger on it yet. It feels like the reward of giving ourselves the full encouragement to embrace new forms of thought and the parts that make us unique. There is no better time than now to allow ourselves to share the fragments we may be hiding but find so much passion to serve others and fill up our cups.

We often hide certain parts of ourselves because we fear how others look at us. What about the judgment we are placing on ourselves, though?

This Full Moon is time for illumination into the alchemy that makes us who we are, the galactic fragments of our Soul that desire expression from a place of acceptance and love.

Take a moment to think back to the beginning of this year, specifically January 21st, 2023. What seed did you plant at the time, and have you found illumination on them since then? If you haven't, what needs to be released so you can invite more clarity for yourself?

We are currently working with the polarity axis between Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and Leo is a fixed fire sign. Both of these signs are masculine. These archetypes invite us to see how the boundaries of our body and mind add to our hearts' eternal flame. Thinking of this is vital because the moon is in the opposite house where Venus is going into her underworld descent. The journey of Venus in our charts, paired with this Full Moon, is a call to understand how we have not allowed proper purification within the cleansing and reconstructing of our relationships. It will enable us to communion with the cosmic source that connects us all in Divine Love and Light—bringing more awareness into our connection with one another.

Want to learn more about the energy for this upcoming Full Moon? Check out this video I recorded.


  • Where does your point of power express; love or fear? It's important to note where your "power" comes from, even understanding what power means to you.

  • Are you operating for the past or embracing the present moment to truly co-create your future?

  • How do you want to commit and show up for others?

  • How can you make more room for pouring into the collective cup within your community or even family relationships?

  • How can you connect with your Higher Self more consciously? Invite a more profound connection into your Galactic Nature.

I hope this serves you well and you have a Happy, Full Moon!

With Love and a Pure Heart of intention,


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