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Full Moon in Pisces 2021 - Freedom of the Mind with a Drop Self-Discipline

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

*Please note this post is based on True Sidereal Astrology*

Welcome Another Full Moon in Pisces

Here we are again coming towards another full moon as we do roughly every twenty-nine

days. This blog post will be the first full moon forecast here at Illuminating Crossroads, and I am so happy to share my perspective on this upcoming energy. Typically, when I read articles or blogs, we focus on the phase of the moon and what sign it is living within. However, I find it necessary to highlight what is going on with the sun's placement and how the moon and sun express their dance to us. Whenever I look at the astrological charts, I like to describe the movement of the planets as a performance. They are performing a song, a dance, a work of art to understand more profound aspects of ourselves and the collective or higher consciousness that many of us forget we are a part of in this cosmic experience. Now that you understand a snippet of my perspective let us dive into this upcoming full moon in Pisces.

What does the full moon represent?

First, let us briefly touch on what a full moon represents. It is the building up of energy coming to the peak of its moment in a 'dualistic form.' The sun and moon are in opposition during this stage. It is this seeking of equilibrium between our spirit, emotional body, and soul expression or identity. This shows us what aspects of our life are seeking more balance to be in flow with the cosmos. Our light is highlighting aspects of 'self' that need some reflection and introspection to take place so that we may move onward with more clarity and understanding of 'self.' Full moons are also a time when you can see the results of what you have been working on since the new moon accrued in said sign. Do you happen to remember what seeds you may have planted during the new moon in Pisces? If so, this full moon is an excellent time for a self-audit to reflect on if the seeds you planted have blossomed or if their growth stunted.

What is this full moon highlighting?

Now is a great time to reflect on how we are taking care of the garden of our subconscious mind. This full moon in Pisces allows us to highlight roots for our emotional patterns that may no longer serve us in the best way—plucking from the origins the weeds that are not the purest or in the highest good along with our journey. The sun is in Virgo (remember True Sidereal Astrology). This dance between the sun and moon is asking for a balance to take place in regards to how freely we allow ourselves to dream while having discipline in routine but still allowing for a creative expression to take place in this abyss of our internal and external worlds. How can we connect with the archetype of water yet be grounded? Balancing these two dualities of a fixed and structured nature yet still flowing like the river.

It may be beneficial to see how you have been utilizing your insight and intuition. Have you been trusting or questioning yourself and the gifts that you are here to share with others? Are you allowing the wisdom from the 'divine mother' to be expressed through you? Now is a great time to look at the bigger picture and get a new perspective on where you are right now and where you want to go. Taking those dreams, the big dreams, and letting go or releasing certain things so that you can make room for them to manifest in the physical world. What habits or thought patterns could you release that would get you closer to resonating with your higher self and allow you to trust your intuition and insight more. Do you have any physical possessions that you are holding too closely onto? Maybe now is a time to release the entanglement with some external things that are only leaving you with unnecessary weight to carry along your path. Ask yourself these questions and any other questions that may arise in you at this time.

Supportive things to do:

  • Release any routine that might leave you feeling stagnant. If there is no routine, then reflect on ways that a practice might support your feeling more grounded, allowing you to bring some of these higher thoughts or expressions of self into the physical.

  • Express gratitude for all the lessons you have had so far this year, and pat yourself on the back for making it to where you are now.

  • Sit down and check in with how you feel regarding your self-worth.

  • Do you trust yourself and your intuition? Reflect on your answer, and if you lack trust in 'self,' how can you rebuild it.

  • Reflect on how you can continue to dream big and put a plan into action to release any thoughts limiting you from the soul level expansiveness you are continuing to experience.

Most of all, remember, no matter what, to always ask yourself what it is that you need right now for your highest and greatest good. You always know that next step that is best for yourself. All you have to do is trust and take that forward action based on faith. Do not let fear rule you as there is nothing to fear, only lessons to learn and grow from. You are strong and resilient, so keep shining and sharing your light with others. Enjoy this full moon and tend to yourself in the way you see most fit for yourself, as all this information is only to guide and get you to start asking yourself more questions so you may consciously illuminate your crossroads!


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