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Full Moon Libra 2023: Sustaining Vitality, Connecting with the Beauty of Each Moment

Happy Full Moon in Libra!

4/5/2023 @ 9:34:31 PM PDT

San Diego, CA, USA

This Full Moon is taking place at sixteen degrees of Libra. So you'll want to see where that falls within your astrological birth chart if you'd like to work with this full Moon intentionally.

This upcoming full Moon on April 5th is taking place within the sign of Libra. The Moon in Libra will be opposite the Sun in Aries. I’m personally excited about this combination. Let’s dive into this beautiful dynamic to find balance within the medicine of the Sun and Moon.

Venus, the planet of self-worth, beauty, intimacy, and pleasures, rules Libra. Libra is a cardinal air sign, so we have double cardinal action with the Sun in Aries. The time of action and emotional balance is here. Now is when illumination may occur in how we allow our gifts to shine—having resilience, confidence, and acting from a heart-centered space that aligns with the divine will instead of only focusing on thy will. Also, insight into how we see how you connect with art. Do you enjoy any creative outlets and would like to explore more?

Hopefully, within the past few months, you were able to reflect and uncover any gifts you have not given enough attention to, or you reconnected with an interest that sparked an ancient seed of knowing within from the past. Now is the time to allow the season's warmth to ignite your passions and truth so you can share these gifts with others. Seeing how you show up and share your skills with others allows them to transform your life and the life of others.

Chiron, Jupiter, and the Sun all oppose the Moon in Libra. This is the invitation to figure out where we still have our core wounds/beliefs of not allowing ourselves to dive deeper into hobbies, activities, or relationships we enjoy. Is there anything that brings you joy that you would like to do more often? How can you consciously surround yourself with people, places, and things that bring you joy and allow you to experience the pleasures of life?

The divine essence we are re-awakening and reconnecting is the love we push away and deny ourselves within relationships. It’s the lack of boundaries that we sometimes have that leaves us feeling depleted. It’s time to realize that the false inner voice from our past that says we are not worthy or gives us doubt/fear when we try to show up as who we are is no longer in power over us. Now it is time to embrace and allow our hearts to be open to receive joy, abundance, and love. Allow yourself to step into the leadership role of your own life with balance in all parts of who you are individually and within your relationships.

The inner child has been coming up a lot in my meditations, so if you have anything that is still lingering from childhood that you have not forgiven, this would be a potent time to allow yourself to release that old story that is holding you back from enjoying the next volume of your book. This is not just a new chapter but an entirely new book! You are the author, and you get to step into your power, be brave, and be optimistic about all possible potential. Allow any imbalances to be illuminated this full Moon. Find balance, compassion, and love in all that you do. Allow yourself to enjoy the sweet nectar of life itself.

"A huge pivotal moment in time is always the present moment."

There may be points of tension that present themselves within your new story, but the more you allow yourself to lean into this discomfort, the more rewards you will receive. The analogy I got upon reflecting on this is the medicine of fire and wind. With inner fire giving us our vitality, we must remember to connect with it, keep it grounded, and be in control of it and not over it. The wind is the divine breath that allows the fire to grow larger or sometimes get out of control. This is a link to our minds. Sometimes our minds will get the best of us, and the wildfire spreads, and it is hard to contain or get a close relationship again. In all our connections in life, we want the fire to be one of warmth, love, and divine truth. Check in and see how are your relationships with yourself and others serving you both. Are you allowing your fire to grow so big that it harms another? The perfect balance of fire and air is to be contemplated.

Questions for contemplation:

How does it feel when I allow myself to surrender to my passions and follow them joyfully?

What parts of my past am I still letting affect me in taking action toward the things I love?

How can I find greater balance in my relationship with myself and others?

How do the elements of wind and fire show up in my life?

How can I let myself enjoy the pleasure of each moment more often?

How do I express my emotions creatively?

I hope you have a wonderful and insightful full moon!

With love and a pure heart of intention,

Lisette 🤍✨

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