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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: Decluttering Our Mental Space, Honoring What We Truly Value & Enjoy

Mercury stationed retrograde yesterday, April 21st, within the sign of Taurus and will station direct on May 14th/15th, depending on your time zone.

What does Mercury Retrograde (Rx) represent?

Mercury is the planet that governs the in-between of our conscious and subconscious. It is our intellect, mind, communication, and the key to the divine essence of choice and understanding. When Mercury goes retrograde, it is a time of reflection on the area of life it is activating within our charts and its collective embodiment.

Think of Mercury as a story you have been writing, and when it goes retrograde, you get to see how far you have come within this story's evolution. You are the editor of your book, and each mercury retrograde is like a chapter or volume of that particular series. It's so beautiful that Mercury goes Rx so often, allowing us to shift and evolve each chapter or book within our story to cultivate our minds and express ourselves in the most aligned way as we continue our spiritual evolution.

How does Taurus play into this Rx?

The medicine for this retrograde takes us through a mindful chat with Taurus—our fixed, earthy bull friend who is always enjoying the sensual experiences of life. It's not that Taurus only enjoys the finer things or the material world. They want the things that bring value and worth into their lives based on what they deem valuable. Taurus enjoys the things it has cultivated throughout its life through dedication or self-discipline. Be it in a spiritual, mental/emotional, or physical expression.

This communion with Mercury and Taurus is a great time to do a deep reflective dive on:

  • What knowledge have you gathered throughout your life, and how do you put it into practical use?

  • How have you used your skills to your advantage to support yourself and others?

  • Is there anything you were learning in the past that you found value in but pushed to the side? Now is the time to pick it back up.

  • How have you allowed your mind to have an internal language of care and love?

  • Do the possessions within your home bring you joy, or are they just collecting dust?

  • What have you been holding onto that is not serving your growth? It's time to let it go. Get rid of the clutter!

  • How can you take the things you value and allow them to flourish?

  • How is your relationship with your money that will enable you to enjoy some of the finer things in life?

Each moment always allows us to ask questions to further our growth. You can ask all the questions above at any time, but you might get fast-tracked insight during this retrograde. Be mindful of how you communicate with others, as sometimes Taurus energy can be stubborn and narrow-minded. Allow yourself to see your values as well as honor the values of others.

I hope this retrograde gives you the medicine your heart and soul desire so you may quantum jump on your spiritual evolution!

With love and a pure heart of intent,


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