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New Moon in Cancer: It Is Time to Come Back Home, Into Your Heart's Highest Expression

Astrology Chart for New Moon in Cancer July 2023
July 17, 2023 @ 11:31:49 AM, San Diego, CA, USA

This upcoming New Moon is taking place within the sign of Cancer at 24 degrees. The Moon is at home in the fixed water sign of Cancer, as that is its ruler. The new Moon marks the point within the cycle when the sun and Moon unite. A sense of renewal and rebirth brings us into a new phase since the waning process being January 6th, 2023, within the space of our astrological charts that Cancer rules.

Key aspects made during this New Moon:

☉☽ ꘎ ♅

☉☽ □ ☊

☉☽ □ ⚷

☉☽ △ ♆℞

☉☽ ☍ ♇℞

☉☽ □ ☋

This new Moon is unique because it occurs the same day the nodes shift into Aries and Libra. Right now is truly a time to allow for tending to your garden so you can live more sustainably to nurture your body, mind, and spirit as you travel along your journey. Now is great to get clear on your highest expression so you can find the truth your heart desires to share, which Mercury in Leo is currently highlighting for us.

What have you been letting go of over the past six months? This is essential to consider because if you pull this to your consciousness, you can expand within your reality. If you're not sure what you have been releasing, take note of the growth you have had over this time regarding letting go of things that are not adding to the nourishment of your body, mind, and spirit. Then take a moment to think about what things you want to implement more abundantly within your life to have more balance and truly nourish your soul. The invitation to make that happen is now—balancing your scales within your more intimate life.

As you ground in, walking away from the cups that may have just been empty. You will notice what fills up your cup with joy, play, and innocence. This is a time to come to the vital essence of what allows you to fill renewed. Is it time with family, friends, or out in nature? Honor what is filling your cup and allow the next weeks and months to be filled with things that light you up. Because when your internal landscape is watered, so is the external world around you.

You embody the Empress and Emperor; how can you let the passionate leader out to explore, share, and even nurture others more? Allowing for balance within your polarities and coming to a space of a deeper understanding of who you are and renewed connection with your Divinity. Jupiter is still in Taurus, so it is helping us to find more grounded and sustainable abundance. Make sure you know what abundance means to you so the garden you truly desire is the one that grows.

Let your mind take a break. Feel your emotions fully during this time because each feeling will be held with a divine message to lead you in this next cycle. The nodes shifting into Aries and Libra this same day emphasize how we can be in this space of giving and receiving by confidently knowing who we are. The gift of our emotions allows further exploration of the great spirit that flows throughout everything. The connection that bridges us to the collective and reminds us that individual expression is a reflection of it all.

Questions for Contemplation:

  • What part of yourself has been undernourished, and how can you water it so you can blossom?

  • How have you been balancing being grounded within your body and honoring your emotions as they flow through you?

  • How can you make your home a sacred space that brings you joy?

  • How do you tend to the sacred temple of your body?

  • How can you allow for more flow and trust in your intuition?


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