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New Moon in Taurus: Honoring the Sands of Time, You Are Divinely Led

New Moon in Taurus Astrology Chart
Astrology Chart for New Moon in Taurus

Happy New Moon!

How are you doing today? I feel something sweet in the air, like honey. Today is astrologically exciting since there was a cosmic party taking place. We had a New Moon with the Moon and Sun at 28 degrees, Uranus at 29 degrees, Mercury at 6 degrees, the North Node at 3 degrees, and Jupiter at 0 degrees, all in the sign of our Bull friend Taurus. The subtle essence of enjoyment and celebration seems so fitting with the Taurus season. This new moon energy is an evolved essence of Taurus that we are working with. It's like our Great Grandmother who has tended to the garden and left the pieces to support us with maintaining its life for many more generations.

Jupiter in Taurus, how exciting!

The things we decide to seed now are already divinely set up for success. We have Jupiter in Taurus, and it will be here for the next year until May 2024. Do you know what that means? That means the part of your chart that Taurus is in charge of has a HUGE POTENTIAL for growth and expansion, even radical change! Let's stay focused on this new moon energy, though.

How to communion with this energy.

One of my favorite ways to look at the new and full moon now is in the story's context, having illumination through each rise and fall of the cycle of the moon. To get more insight into this new moon, we must remember what these past eclipse seasons have taught us. Especially since we just had that Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. The nodes since January 2022 have been hitting the houses that Scorpio and Taurus rule in our charts. The North Node right now is in retrograde. When I see the nodes in retrograde, it's like a cosmic window to peek into the future. What is it that your heart has been screaming out to you lately? Are you being called to slow down so you can receive the message? Enjoy the beauties of what is already within your reach. The call is to remember you have all that you need and more to get started on your big dream. What has always been consistent in your life and given you peace or stability? Take note of what you may feel lost in. If there has been somewhere you have been trying to go, and you need help. Just go, and support will come! There is a call to know and trust in divine intervention. Trust the calls you are getting to take you forward on new chapters within your story just waiting to be told.

What is this New Moon in Taurus all about?

This new moon in Taurus is about unlocking the doors to the ideas you have had in your mind and that vision of yourself you can see but may not have been able to pull into the physical realm yet. There is always divine timing in place. In the celestial kingdom, there is an invitation to join the party of entirely pulling in your heaven on earth. All you have to do is remove the glasses that distort your beliefs and values from being unable to receive what is in your highest good for your spiritual evolution.

Mercury was stationed direct around May 14th. Hopefully, you found this time within this retrograde to dive deeper into your mental body to find more flow with working with this new moon energy. I wrote a post on the Mercury Retrograde here. You can read up on it even now to support with setting intentions for this New Moon.

Let's talk about intention:

This New Moon isn't necessarily a time to plant new seeds but to reflect on the garden you have cultivated for a long time. Take a moment to see what area of your chart this New Moon is activating if you can. Now is the time to take the sheers, cut away, and let go so you can express yourself in your authentic truth to allow for a fuller growth of each plant within the gardens of your mind, body, and spirit.

I am always true to supporting you in honoring what is coming up within yourself, though. So, if you feel like you are planting new seeds, honor it. If you are tending to the garden of seeds you planted when the nodes moved into Taurus/Scorpio, honor it. Honor whatever your season is, as you will always know your journey best. These questions below are for contemplation to support and ignite something within to illuminate and reignite the remembrance of your chosen path.


How can I be connected to celestial fire to cleanse, renew, and feel lighter in my decisions as I move forward?

Where do I find beauty and love in my life, and how can I embody more each day?

Once I have a plan, how do I keep myself motivated even when it might seem like nothing is happening before me?

Do I believe that miracles can happen to me?

What would it feel like to enjoy each moment without worrying about what will come next?

How can I shine my authentic light more to attract the abundance I deserve?

How can I focus on love and service to others more and trust that everything I need and more will flow to me?

Taurus is our best friend to find practical action steps to get us to the bigger dream goal we seek and strive for. Taurus knows how to focus and not lose sight of the task. In this lifetime, there is a loyalty of self-respect in honoring our divine callings. We are leading up to higher and higher frequencies to sustain the actual song of illumination and remembrance. What does it feel like to celebrate the call of your true north?

Happy New Moon!

With love and a pure heart of intent,


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