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The Faceless Mother, Healing Our Mother Wounds

What does it mean to wear the mask of our mother?

We choose our mother for a reason, despite all her imperfections. When we grow up, we often see how our mother was and can fall into parts of her that are not our expression. We can find our own and be able to work our emotional karma that has been waiting for resolve within our spiritual evolution.

I noticed many people these days have a wound with their mother. Myself included.

How did we get to the space of being wounded by the very life that acted as a catalyst to give us life?

Many times it started further beyond our mother. Somewhere along the line, “the mother” became distorted. It almost feels as though everything has the destiny to become distorted so we can understand the polarity of the “lowest” and “highest” expression of our experience with each archetype. It allows us to come to the middle to meet it with its natural face.

What do you think of when you think about your mother?

I know for myself. I used to think of emptiness. There once was a space within my life that felt cold with the “mother” — where I didn’t feel nurtured and held. Sometimes my mother would show me lots of love, but I would perceive this unknown distance. Maybe it was a sense of restriction based on her life experiences. Maybe her mother didn’t show her what unconditional love was, causing her not to show herself unconditional love and, in turn, could not give me unconditional love. My perception in older years has shifted many times, and recently the thought came to me. Maybe my mother did not feel deserving of unconditional love from her child. Perhaps she didn’t feel deserving of love at all. Maybe her self-worth was being given to her view of me, and I was a catalyst to try and help her remember her worth. To receive unconditional love and know the heart of another that comes from her bloodline.

It is interesting that, in nature, you can see how we may find different traits of our mothers. Some mothers abandon their young; some allow the young to stay with them always, and others only spend a particular season with them and then let them off into their world to explore with no looking back.

There are many ways to mother in nature, so it makes sense that many “types” of mothers exist in our human creaturehood.

There is an underlying essence that all mothers embody, though. To be a mother is to be fierce. One is going through this unknown void to allow for the human body’s experiences of its cosmic womb. To co-create life and support the unfoldment of our species. It’s weird sometimes to think of us as “animals,” but oddly enough, we are primates, as they say.

I am no mother myself yet, so there are many things I will not know until the day comes. I know for now, though, that if you lack the essence of the mother within your own life, I invite you to question why you think it’s lacking.

There is a cosmic “mother” that gave birth to us all.

Each experience with our mother is just as it should be to support our growth. Allow grace, space, and compassion to the “mother.” Remember, the “mother” is also on her spiritual journey. To evolve and understand herself more deeply.

However, “the mother” shows up in your life; honor her essence. Please get to know her better and allow the expectations, distortions, and assumptions to disappear. We can try to view it from every perspective, but at some point, it is nice to let it be until we can slowly begin unveiling the mysteries of our own “Cosmic Mother.”

With love and a pure heart of intent,

Lisette ❤

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