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Things I Learned This Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Finally, Mercury has begun to go direct once again on July 12th. I don’t know about you guys but I am definitely jumping for joy. I am also so glad that I used this time during Mercury retrograde to really analyze my relationships and home life. Fitting one would say since Mercury retrograded in Cancer and Cancer rules the fourth house of home. Then of course Mercury rules our third house which is all about communication. There were a lot of times where the communication with others was just not there like normal. I had to be mindful of what I would say and not take things so personally. Got to love retrograde! Today though I really want to share three important things I learned during this time. For the first time since I started my spiritual journey, I feel like I really worked with the energy at play and it benefited me in so many ways. There was a big bump in the road at the start of retrograde but once I surrender and became present I was able to find some clarity in some parts of myself.

#1 Social media is not needed to keep in touch with friends or to have a “social life”.

On the first day of Mercury retrograde, I was feeling overwhelmed. I got a call from someone I did not know saying I stole their business idea. There was so much going on in the news that I was starting to see more and more things that were negative on my timelines. People were starting to argue because of differences of opinion. I felt like I could not be myself because I did not know how to properly express myself with everything going on. It was all honestly just too much. I felt like I was trying to keep up with everything going on in the world to be aware yet failing. While also trying to figure out a new plan for my candle business. It got to the point where I was starting to feel like I was drowning mentally and emotionally. I decided that I would take the time during the retrograde period to disconnect. I turned off all my social media notifications and told myself that I would not get back on until Mercury started to go direct again. The first few days were so hard. I never realized how much I would get onto Instagram. As I would open my phone to look at a text or check an email right when I was done I would somehow find myself about to click on the Instagram app. There were times when I would just stare at my phone because I did not know what to do as I would normally always be scrolling away. After the first week though it got a little easier. There would be the occasional almost hiccup but I would stop myself. Once I put my phone down I would then ask myself what do I want to do right now at this moment. It was amazing because I actually started to see new parts of me that I had not seen before. I also realized I never actually have conversations with my friends. We just normally send things on Instagram and that is about it. This got me thinking… I should just text my friends I have not spoken to in a while or that I would normally only message on social media. It was so amazing! The conversations were 10x better and it was almost as if there was more to talk about and it was exciting. It also helped me realize who my “friends” are at this point in my life. I have a lot of “friends” on Facebook and Instagram but I rarely actually interact with them. It also allowed me to experience the people I met during my day more and I even made a new friend during retrograde. The old fashion way was in person. That is right, can you believe it? It was awesome! So, in short, remember we don’t need social media in our lives and sometimes we need to disconnect since we easily get sucked into the endless hours of scrolling and liking. If we can disconnect there are a lot of other amazing things we can do with our time. Also, a lot of beautiful things we can find out about ourselves.

#2 Even when outside it seems like the world is going to sh*t being present in your space will give you bliss.

This kind of goes hand and hand with #1 a little bit. Only because by not being on social media 24/7 I was able to enjoy more of the minutes, hours, and days in my life rather than scrolling them away. Seriously, I never noticed how much time I spent on my phone. Even using my time to give myself anxiety about the future or past events that have happened. That is honestly the worst. Especially, in current times since there is a lot of uncertainty going around it is hard to know what the future looks like. However, the point is to not worry about the future and worry about the present moment taking place now. What are you enjoying at the moment or what could you be doing to make the moment more enjoyable? That is a question I learned to ask myself a lot these past few weeks and honestly, it has added so much value to my days. I have felt the happiest I have been… I think even if I am being honest! I took a step back from all the things taking place in the world and just focused on my space. My home, family, friends, and most importantly myself. I was even able to find a new hobby that I was passionate about. It didn’t even cross my mind that I would ever enjoy photography but I bought a cheap camera and haven’t stopped taking photos since I got it. I was able to bring more passion, creativity, and excitement into my life. When before I would be everywhere else instead of in the present moment asking myself or listening to what I wanted to do. Sometimes we block ourselves but once we step out of our own ways we will lead ourselves to a more joyful life. So, the point is to not let outer things affect your inner state. There is always some beauty when chaos is present.

#3 Do not be afraid to release the old things that no longer make you happy. Cleaning out your space mentally, emotionally, and physically is rewarding.

This one was probably my favorite out of the three because it was me doing a lot of emotional and mental cleaning with a little bit of physical. I have really been continuing to work so hard on my mental and emotional health. To the point where I am finally seeing progress and patting myself on the back. Before I would just hold onto everything that was no longer me and had no purpose. Really causing me to feel stagnant, unhappy, and even angry sometimes. However, now especially during this retrograde, I was paying close attention to my thoughts and my reactions towards things that were said to me. I definitely had a few moments where I took a few things personally when I did not need to but the great thing was I realized… I didn’t need to! I am definitely not done releasing it all but I am getting closer and it is exciting. The greatest part is that the reflection time during Mercury retrograde is not needed to work on your space. We can take a step back and do some reorganizing and toss old ways at any point. Especially when it comes to projects we may be working on. I think the hardest lesson for me was learning that it is okay to change plans or to stop working on a project if it is no longer in line with myself. For example, I mentioned my candle business earlier. I honestly had no clue what to do once someone called me telling me I stole their idea and that I needed to rebrand or else. It was as if I was building something beautiful and just like that it all came crashing down. However, the best thing was knowing that at that moment I needed a break from my project. The project was only causing me stress now. How could I make any good decisions with a scattered and overwhelmed mind? To continue to work on my mental and emotional health, I needed to take a step back by doing nothing. Might not sound like the best thing to do but it gave me my sanity. Even though I might not have everything figured out right now the best thing is that I am not stressing about it or in a rush. I am giving myself time and space to clean out other parts of myself to make room for this business that I want to build on a strong and solid foundation. By releasing a business name that no longer resonates with me and finding something that I connect with more. The best part is not being afraid to let go of something and knowing that sometimes starting from scratch or with less will take us much further in the long term.

Overall it was a great reflection and time of learning during this past retrograde. I survived it and I hope you did as well! I would love to know what you got from this Mercury retrograde period, what you did with your time, or even if you felt the same as me. Thank you for sharing space with me as always!


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