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True Sidereal Astrology: What is it?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Last year I began to study astrology more seriously. I started with Maxine Taylor's videos on YouTube as they were super informative. My knowledge of astrology was pretty basic, I knew the signs and their elemental associations, a little bit about the planets, but that was kind of it. As I watched Maxine's videos on Youtube, I would see the suggested videos to pick what was next. Somehow I ended up finding Athen Chimenti's Youtube channel, and my life forever changed. Okay, maybe I am a little dramatic, but seriously a whole can of worms spilled out. Let me explain. Maxine Taylor's videos were based on Tropical Astrology which is cool, but Athen introduced me to a new form I had not heard of before. Tropical Astrology uses an equal thirty-degree representation for the zodiac signs. However, the new gem of True Sidereal Astrology presented to me did things a bit differently. The video I stumbled upon was titled "Vedic vs. Western vs. 13 Sign Sidereal Astrology Systems," and I was so fascinated! I encourage whoever reads this to check the video out and Athen's youtube channel if you are fascinated and it resonates.

I had minimal knowledge about Vedic astrology and honestly still do. However, it was not necessarily the style of astrology but the sizes of each constellation that he spoke upon which got me. It was like a veil lifted, and I was in shock! Are you telling me the zodiac signs are not truly thirty degrees in the sky? How could this be? The whole time I was trying to study and be in flow with as above so below, yet the above of which I was studying was some illusion. This got me fascinated that I had to know more. I continued to watch many of Athen's videos, and it just resonated with me. To know the true sizes of the constellation and study the aspects of the planets in the signs they were truly taking place in started to shine a light on a whole new story and dance that the planets were doing during certain transit. Especially for the lunar cycles, I love studying and keeping track of in my personal spiritual practice!

Here is an example of what the True Sidereal Chart looks like.

You can see that the signs are many different sizes. Look at how big Pisces and Virgo are. Is that not crazy! The cool thing about looking at the chart this way is that you can go outside at night and observe that night sky and view that it actually matches! You can also use a stargazing app to assist you if that is more your style. For example, this past full moon in Scorpio in Tropical Astrology was actually Virgo in True Sidereal Astrology. Just some food for thought. I encourage everyone to do their own research and always go with what resonates with them. The planets have a unique relationship with all of us, so there is no right or wrong way to interpret them. This is just something I have found that rings true to me and my perception and observations.

I am continuing my studies in True Sidereal Astrology and hope to continue to share more soon with the community. Still, I just wanted to support shining light on the true sizes of the constellations. If one is going to study the stars, should we not study them as they are in the night sky, and how do we observe them observe the macro for the micro taking place here on Earth? I leave you with these questions, and I hope you get to gain a new perspective from me sharing this no matter which type of astrology you study. This post is to share a new perspective. I must admit, though, I hope that soon everyone will use the true sizes of the zodiacal signs just as I am starting to do. We shall see what the future holds, though!

Let me know below if you knew the zodiac signs constellations were not truly an equal thirty degrees. I would love to hear how you study astrology or what you think about this subject. If you want to learn more about True Sidereal Astrology, I will direct you to Athen Chimenti's youtube page, which is linked here.

Have a wonderful day!


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