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Venus Retrograde in Leo 2023: Coming Back To Innocence and Auditing Our Relationships To Find Joy

The birth of Venus
The Birth of Venus Painting by Sandro Botticelli

This is the event we have been hearing many people talk about recently. Venus is finally stationing retrograde after entering her pre-shadow retrograde period on June 20, 2023. Many think that retrogrades are challenging, but that is not true, so let us open our minds now to the gift of a planetary body going retrograde. When a planet goes retrograde, it highlights that area of our chart that the retrograde stations in so we can revise, edit, and move forward with more clarity and ease based on the friction that might be activated for us.

Imagine the love of your life walking up to you, but you weren't aware they were right before you. Nose to nose. This lover notices you don't witness them, turns around, and takes a few steps away but then decides to walk back towards you again, hoping you will see them this time. This time you finally acknowledge them, and they meet you face to face. You get to choose if you want to walk forward with the love of your life, stay blind to the fact that they are right there in front of you (continuing to deny your desire when presented), or choose to go a different direction and find another lover that might not ever awaken the internal fire within your heart in the same way.

Of course, this example is just an analogy, but it's perfect for Venus retrograde. Here is why. Venus is all about the people, places, and things we find love and beauty within. All the parts of our lives fill our cup of sensual experiences, be it taste, smell, touch, sight, or hearing. One might even say it rules the innocent affair with this human life as we integrate with the outside world to learn and understand more about ourselves and it. As Venus is stationing retrograde, it is insightful to notice the theme within your life in creative expression, exploration, or desire (to name a few) from June 20, 2023, until July 22, 2023.

These dates provide insight into the critical events that tried to present themselves to us and that we may still be ignoring. So, as Venus goes backward in the illusionary retrograde dance, a similar insight or friction may occur so you can find more balance for your desires and sensual experience within your life.

Allowing you to kiss the moment of your choice and consciously work from a higher alignment of your more profound wants and needs. You can also think back to July 25, 2015, to September 6, 2015, the last time Venus retrograded in Leo. Please take a moment to reflect on your experiences during that time frame, as they might give you greater clarity for what things you may still be holding back from within the realm of full expression with joy, delight, and play! Reflecting on old journal excerpts, photos, or social media posts is always supportive.

Let's talk a little bit about Leo now. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and the Sun just entered into Leo today, which is the same day Venus is stationing retrograde. Leo is a fixed masculine fire sign that finds joy in creativity, radiates confidence, has an optimistic view of life, and is warm and generous when expressed authentically. On the flip side, Leo can have a superficial approach to life, leaving him to only care about the experience of self and not establish relationships with depth and complete illumination.

During Venus retrograde is excellent to see what areas of your life you have been taking a superficial approach to. Now is the time to understand who and what you want depth with. Be it some form of creative expression, a friendship, or a romantic partner. Now is the time to answer the call that your heart desires and let the old stories that blocked you from experiencing this depth fall, just like an iceberg melting into the sea of cosmic potential to connect with the droplets of water that make us all connected.

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For more in-depth reading, you can book a session with me 1:1 to see how you can best work with the medicine of this Venus retrograde.

Otherwise, I hope you have a beautiful journey with Venus as she invites you to open up to the pleasure and enjoyment of the present moment. Follow your heart and lead with love.

With love and a pure heart of intent,


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