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What is Reiki?

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Many alternative healing techniques are beginning to be highlighted more and more in mainstream consciousness. Amazingly, this is taking place as we explore other options rather than just focusing on pills or items that might not be as natural for our bodies to allow optimal healing. We must continue to embrace more natural and alternative complementary options to have our bodies operating at the optimal potential to heal themselves. This blog post is to help one become more knowledgeable about Reiki. Especially if they have been considering finding a practitioner, wanting to get an attunement, or are just curious about what it is. It is not to replace the doctors or those certified in their fields to assist with physical or mental/emotional ailments. Reiki is a fantastic addition to our current "healing" modalities and has so much to offer.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique that facilitates relaxation and stress reduction. Dr. Usui Mikao founded Reiki in March 1922. He was a well-studied man who explored different spiritual avenues on his path toward enlightenment and eventually found himself connected to this "new" healing technique called Reiki but traditionally known as Usui Reiki Ryoho (Usui Reiki Healing Method). Reiki is given by "laying of the hands," which has been practiced for thousands of years. With Reiki, a specific technique with placements of the hands is practiced. Anyone may use this simple yet powerful life force energy to support themselves and others during their journey. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese kanji "Rei" (靈), meaning Universal Power or Supreme Power, and "Ki" (氣), meaning Life Energy. Many of you may be familiar with Ki, Chi, Qi, Prana, Ti, or biofield energy. These are all essentially the same essence of life force energy present and moving through all living organisms. This force allows for all living things on this planet and in the universe to exist. It is non-physical yet omnipresent. If life is existing, then so is that life force energy. Reiki is channeling life force energy in a conscious way to another or oneself to facilitate healing, making it a simple yet powerful technique. We all have access to this energy, as it is limitless when we tap into it intentionally.

Reiki is not associated with any religion. I think that is the best part, as that means no matter what you believe, it may be utilized to support you in your healing journey. It is also important to note that the Reiki practitioner is not healing the client as only they can genuinely heal themselves. The practitioner only acts as a catalyst to support the client in the most beneficial direction on their journey. Life energy is vital as when it is low, we will become more susceptible to illness and dis-ease. However, when it is free-flowing and high, we are less likely to get sick or experience dis-ease. We are happy, balanced, and healthy. Making life energy is vital in everything we do, and it is best to keep it high during our journey to express ourselves in thoughts, emotions, and spiritual life in the most increased resonance.

Many people feel Reiki energy in different ways. Whether you are the practitioner or the client, some will feel the heat coming from the hands, pulses pushing their bodies, or tingles. We all perceive and connect with this energy differently. The critical thing to note is that the practitioner intentionally fills their body with this life force energy and then sends it out to the client's body through their hands. Then allowing each cell an opportunity to balance, harmonize and heal to its DNA level so it may return to its anatomically perfect state. The client's body will attune to resonate at the same frequency of the Reiki energy. I have to say the most amazing thing about this energy is that it can not harm the client. However, some clients may experience symptoms following their session as the body will begin to detoxify anything that is not resonating at its highest resonance for the client.

One important thing to always remember is that Reiki is a complementary modality. Even though some may experience the release of their ailments or dis-ease through working with a practitioner, it is still important to connect with licensed medical professionals in their respective fields. Also, as with any form of healing, one Reiki session might not clear all of your chakras and meridians. It takes time for blockages to build up, and thus, it takes time for them to cleanse and clear away. So, if you are not 100% after your first Reiki session, don't worry, as it will take some time. It is also super important for the client to truly heal from your ailment or dis-ease on a mental/emotional level. We, as the practitioners, are only a facilitator and catalyst to support you, but it is all within you to choose whether or not you are ready to heal. When it comes to energy work, it is highly intuitive, so there is a lot of faith, surrender, and trust that must take place with all parties.

If you would like to learn more about the foundations of Reiki in detail, check out this book below. It has been a fantastic read, and I still reference it frequently.

I would love to hear about your experience with Reiki as either a client or practitioner. Leave a comment down below.

Take care!


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