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What’s Your Foundation in 2020?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

First off, HAPPY NEW YEARS! Today is a beautiful day in itself. We were all able to see the first day of this next decade and be a part of not only our own transformation but be able to witness the transformation of those around us. There is still a lot of hard work and dedication to go into this 2020 year but we are all off to a great start because we are here. Recently, I had been doing a lot of brainstorming trying to see what the perfect blog post would be to get back into Ready Sette Zen. However, today I accepted there is no perfect post I just need to do it!

Last night I brought in the new year in a way my old self would have never imagined I would. That’s right folks… I stayed home with my boyfriend and our dog. It was honestly the best New Years’ Eve I have ever had. Leading up to the end of 2019 we made it a goal to get our home tidy and get rid of any old energy that might have been lingering around. We may not have finished everything on our list but we got a bulk of it done and boy did we feel accomplished! So, you might be asking what is the message here? Well, I felt moved to connect with my spirit guides and the divine energy to see what message today holds for us all. That is what the photo above represents and I feel like the universe truly provided! This is such a beautiful message that I want to break down and share. Don’t worry it will be a pretty quick one so take a moment to relax and connect with the cards above and see what you receive.

Do you have a stable foundation that your life is currently sitting on or do you feel like at any moment the ground can slip away from beneath you? Do you really know what you want not only in this new 2020 year but for years to come? What makes you happy and keeps you fulfilled within your life on an emotional and physical level? Do you have a new project you want to begin? Were you recently giving some news and you are scared to take that leap of faith? The questions are endless but it all comes down to what foundation do you currently have in your life and what can you do to strengthen it. We all have so many things going on all the time that we forget to ground ourselves and check in with how we are doing. Are you feeling like your cup is half-full or half-empty? Today you need to ask yourself how do I feel stepping into this new year. Did I truly get done what I needed to before 2019 ended or do I still need to remove some things within my life to make room for the new growth and abundance 2020 has to offer? A lot of people make it seem like if you didn’t hurry up and remove the old before stepping into 2020 then you are stuck with whatever baggage. I am here to tell you that it is not true. You have the power to release anything you no longer want at any point in your life and it doesn’t have to be at the beginning of the year. If you still have a few things that you didn’t get tightened up at the end of 2019 just know you still have time so be kind to yourself. I read something today before my meditation and it said that the first 12 days of the new year outline how the next twelve months are going to go for you. Well, I was so grateful to read that because I myself still have a few loose ends that I am tying up from 2019. So, my message to you is if you have not already done so please make sure to take a second for yourself and ask… what do I want to manifest this year? What can I do this first week of 2020 to make major strides in the growth I want and see for myself? It is truly all about what you want because this is a strong time where what you want you can have. You just have to believe it, create it, and it is yours! There may be obstacles and it may be difficult but that does not mean it is impossible. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay tuned because the journey we have started to embark on is a beautiful one!


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