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Book Your Sound Healing Session Today

Sound Healing offers a powerful therapeutic experience that brings balance and harmony to the body and mind. Lisette creates a calming atmosphere conducive to relaxation and deep restorative states by using various instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, chimes, a gong, and other tools. She helps you open up to experiencing sound's healing power through guided visualization and meditation.

Healing Therapy

1:1 Sound Healing

This is a private individual sound healing session allowing for you to get a personalized experience to support you on your healing journey.

60 Minutes


1:2 Couple Sound Healing

This session is for you and your partner, your best friend or favorite family memeber. This is a special experience for you to receive sound healing together.

60 Minutes



3 Session Package
1:1 Usui Tibetan Reiki or Sound Healing Session

You can now purchase a 3-Session Package. The package is flexible, so you can pick what you want the next session to be. It can be all the same modality or you can switch it up. This session bundle is for those who want longer-term support during their spiritual journey. You will pick the date for your first session and a link will be sent to you upon purchasing your package rate so you can book your additional session.

Each session is 60 minutes


What are the benefits of Sound Healing?

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improves the immune system

  • Balancing out your emotional body

  • Improves sleep and supports with insomnia

  • Regulates the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Inspires creativity

  • Enhances your mood

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Supports pain management

What musical instruments are used during the session?

Crystal Singing bowls will be used for every session, but additional instruments will vary with each client as Lisette picks the sounds for you intuitively. Here is a list of some musical instruments that may be used:

  • Singing Bowls

  • Gongs

  • Chimes

  • Drums

  • Rainstick

  • Ocean Drum

  • Shruti Box

  • Light Language

  • Shakers

  • Tuning Forks


Request a quote for a private group
Sound Healing Session.

Want to book a group Sound Healing session for your next gathering, private retreat, work event, or celebration? Allow for a unique experience for your group to receive the healing power of sound to reconnect with the mind and body and create special memories for years to come. Send us a message today to receive a quote.

Lisette graciously hosted a sound bath meditation for our group of 20 people from Urban Street Angels. The service was refreshing and left all of us very relaxed. We would love to do the service again in the future. Thank you so much Lisette!!

Jbu I.

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