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Happy Full Moon: Allow Yourself to be Nurtured by Yourself

The moon in her home of 16° Cancer wants to make sure we are feeling at home within ourselves, our bodies. She wants us to know that we do not need to let old habit or ways keep us from our peace, joy, and comfort. We tend to self sabotage sometimes and this is the time to take the higher road for ourselves. The trine taking place with the south node is supporting us. This mother archetype is here to hold and cradle us so that we feel nurtured and protected. If we only fall into her arms and allow ourselves to flow to unknown mysteries that await us on the other side.

The sun is resting in 16° Capricorn and conjunct with 17° Mercury which is currently in retrograde. Asking us in partnership with the Moon to get clear and hold the vision you see for yourself this new year. Planting seeds for this new year at the next new moon with be most powerful. Allow yourself to recalibrate to the highest probable timeline and expression of yourself but without being so serious. It is the childlike wonder that keeps us alive and thriving. How can you bring more love and understanding to where you are currently at within your life. Allow yourself to be clear on the vision but to surrender on the how. These next days leading up to the new moon create the space to truly shed any old ways or habits that are keeping you stuck in a false reality that doesn’t serve you. Allow yourself to lighten your load of work so your can find balance between home and work life that allows for you to thrive. We aren’t meant to be so serious all the time. When we are in flow the work is easy and joyful. It gives us more vitality, it doesn’t take it away.

There is so much abundance awaiting you. If only you open your heart up more to yourself to allow the space for receiving. When you receive in love and trust you will unlock new gifts to give and share with those around you.

With love and a pure heart of intention,


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