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New Moon in Leo: Forging the Path Forward with Courage

New Moon in Leo Astrology Chart
August 16, 2023 @ 2:38:10 am, San Diego, CA, USA

The New Moon is taking place in the sign of Leo. Leo has already been the vital focus of summer, as this is the sign that Venus is presently having her retrograde within. On August 13, 2023, Venus was conjunct with the Sun at 20 degrees of Leo. This conjunction means that the story of this New Moon is in alignment with this Venus retrograde as the Moon and Sun will meet at 23 degrees of Leo, and Venus will only be 3 degrees away on the day of the New Moon. There is also Black Moon Lilith, who will be adding to the potent medicine of this New Moon at 24 degrees of Leo.

Key aspects for this New Moon in Leo:

☉ ☽ ☌ ♀℞ Lilith

☉ ☽ □ ♅ ♃

☉ ☽ △ ☊ Chiron

☉ ☽ ꘎ ☋

♅ ♃ △ ☿ ♂

♅ ♃ △ ♇℞

♅ ♃ ꘎ ♆

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings. To plant the seeds of intention for what area of life the Sun and Moon are meeting within. The Moon is the seed from which we can infuse our will into the body allowing the Sun to give nourishment and support the growth of what wants to bloom from our Soul.

Leo is yang in polarity and a sign ruled by the Sun. It is the only sign ruled by the Sun, allowing the spotlight to shine brightly on Leo. The embodiment of this archetype is warm and the core of our creative nature. It highlights how we allow ourselves to shine within the world. Some expressions of Leo are the king, the child, the performer, and the artist.

Right now, the intentions we are planting are inviting us to dive deeper into showing up as our most authentic selves within the house that Leo rules. Black Moon Lilith is closely conjunct with this New Moon, which is tapping into bringing awareness of where we access our point of power and what parts of us truly desire to be expressed. How do we create? The New Moon is also trine with the North Node, and Chiron within Aries supports this energy. Bringing in more awareness on what wounds we have been working on healing within the cardinal fire sign of Aries and how it has been affecting the fixed fire sign of Leo. With these aspects, we will realize how we may have been holding ourselves back from taking action and honoring our self-worth.

The New Moon is also in a square with Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus. This aspect creates tension and potential internal conflict regarding how we want to expand and what changes we need to make—highlighting for us again what has been holding us back and how we can be bold and have the courage to make a different choice than we have before to get into the space of sharing our light more consciously with the world. However, it is essential not to make radical changes from an ungrounded state of mind. How can you sink deeply into the body and listen to the next steps? This thought takes us to the next significant aspect during this New Moon: Uranus and Jupiter make a trine with Mars and Mercury in Virgo. The combination of these planets supports resolutions on how we can make our dreams within the house of Leo a reality by coming up with a plan for the long term and committing to putting in the time and effort to achieve our goals. Even if we don't know all the steps, we at least see a direction that will start unfolding the bigger plan. It can also give us insight into what continues to fuel our fire with passion, desire, play, and enjoyment.

Now is the time to plant seeds of transformation and become more aware of our innocence. Honor our roles in life but allow ourselves to bring attention to how we have changed. Ask yourself, who am I now? Take a moment to tap into what it means to be wild, free, bold, fearless, and full of unconditional love. The seeds that we are planting now will be ones that will allow for our inner fire to be consistent without burning out. Now is the time to commit, trust that what we desire can be within our life, and take consistent action with our hearts leading us forward.

Questions for contemplation:

  • What do I desire to create, and what are the first steps I can take to start bringing intention to birthing it?

  • How have I been letting fear hold me back from shining my light?

  • What does it feel like to be my authentic self in every moment?

  • How can I work more consciously with my mind, body, and heart to co-create my reality?

  • Who am I now?

  • How can I devise a plan to meet my goals consistently?

  • How can I create more time for play and fun to inspire my action forward?

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Moon in Leo!

With Love and a Pure Heart of intent,


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