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Find Balance and Clarity on your Journey with Illuminating Crossroads

My name is Lisette. I am here to support others in remembering that we always have a choice. We often live like a record on repeat, yet the song might be longer or shorter. Illuminating Crossroads is a temporary stop for others to come for support during their spiritual journey to remember that they are everything they need and more. Many times with the things thrown at us in our society today, we think everything we "want or need" is outside of ourselves. The truth is, it is all within each of us. We are here to experience, learn, and grow. 

Understanding that there are many paths is essential, and knowing that you can choose the way or course you want to take consciously is necessary. Our lives are like a labyrinth, not a maze. In a maze, there is only one right way to get to the end, but in a labyrinth, there are endless ways to get to the center. Yes, it might take a little "longer," but the beauty is that you still end up where you are meant to be each moment. 

There are many crossroads in our lives, some "bigger" than others, but the key here is to know when you have approached one consciously. One might even say every choice we make is a crossroad, as each choice/action we decide upon lays a foundation. We are forming a community to help each other remember our power, support others, question what is presented, and make conscious decisions. 

If you feel like you have come to a place where you are feeling stagnant or like you have no choice and want external support along your spiritual journey, I am here to provide that to you as best I can. Using holistic healing, and metaphysical tools, I will support you on your spiritual journey to consciously illuminate your crossroads.

Are you ready to experience your illumination?

Don't hesitate to contact me today to learn more about how I can support your evolution. These services are offered in-person to those who reside in San Diego, CA, or remotely via Zoom for those living in other destinations on Mother Earth.

Working with Lisette was such a pleasure. She was extremely professional & made me feel very comfortable. I felt a true connection while Reiki was being performed & left feeling lighter. I would recommend Lisette to anyone looking for an amazing Reiki experience. 💜🙌🏻

Karen T.

Experience the Healing Power of Reiki, Sound, and Intuitive Guidance at Illuminating Crossroads.

These are offerings that are to support you in your spiritual evolution. Each session is unique to each person based on where you are at within your journey. A session allows you to bring awareness to parts of yourself still left in shadow. To bring illumination to these fragments of self. I'm co-creating a sacred space with you to invite and allow for acceptance, forgiveness, and integration to take place.


Usui/Tibetan Reiki

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique that facilitates relaxation and stress reduction. Many of you may be familiar with Ki, Chi, Qi, Prana, Ti, or biofield energy. These are all essentially the same essence of life force energy present and moving through all living organisms. Reiki is channeling this life force energy in a conscious way to another or oneself with the intention to facilitate healing, making it a simple yet powerful technique. We all have access to this energy, as it is limitless when we tap into it intentionally.

Sitting Meditation

Intuitive Guidance

Divine guidance within our subconscious mind is always present. It unlocks a doorway to conscious reconnection with the depths of our soul and the Divine. There are many ways that one can contemplate. Here we focus on archetypal observation. This involves oracle and tarot cards to better contemplate and understand oneself or a situation. Looking at the symbols and messages allows for more understanding, compassion, and the illumination of your characteristics, actions, and emotional cycles. Creating a sacred space of contemplation for your spiritual evolution.


Sound Healing

A sound bath is given by playing different musical instruments to support allowing the body, mind, and spirit to reach a state of relaxation so healing may occur on each level. Our bodies are natural healers so we allow ourselves to shift from a normal waking state (beta) to a relaxed state (alpha), dreamlike state (theta), and even restorative state (delta) much healing can occur. Each sound played is working at a cellular level to act as a tuner so you may allow any disharmonious spots physically, mentally, or spiritually to be re-harmonized.  

Knowing which service is best for you can be difficult, so book a consultation today to explore how I can assist you on your journey.