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Coming back home to the Self!


As we navigate life's journey, we encounter various experiences that may leave us feeling disconnected from our true selves. Embracing our authentic self is an ongoing opportunity that exists in every moment. Illuminating Crossroads is committed to helping you explore the different paths that lead you back to the completeness of your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

This pathway entails honoring the current cycle and phase of your life, offering a nurturing environment to uncover your present identity. Embrace the wisdom you've gained and the beliefs you cherish. Allow yourself to grieve what no longer serves you and welcome the journey of rejuvenation.

If you're prepared to embark on the journey of self-discovery, we are here to support you!

Book a complimentary 15-minute Illumination Consultation to ignite your healing journey!

Are you ready to illuminate your healing pathway?

Knowing which service is best for you can be difficult sometimes, so book a consultation today to explore how I can assist you. I am here to support you in your present crossroads to guide you into your inner illumination and remembrance of trust within yourself, your journey, and your intuition.

15 Minutes 


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Lisette Archer-Barber

Usui + Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

Sound Healing Practitioner


Oracle + Tarot Reader



Lisette, the founder of Illuminating Crossroads, is a versatile spiritual practitioner dedicated to assisting individuals in connecting with pure Source Energy (ALL THAT IS) and embracing their true selves. Each healing modality she works with is centered on Divine Love, Power, and Wisdom. She provides gentle healing for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.


Lisette believes in tailoring each healing approach to suit the individual she is assisting, as she sees herself as a perpetual learner committed to expanding her wealth of knowledge. Her personal journey of enlightenment, delving into the depths of her heart and subconscious, has equipped her with experiential wisdom to support those who resonate with her work and mission.



Usui/Tibetan Reiki

Usui Tibetan Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that harnesses life force energy to heal physical, mental, and emotional ailments. This gentle, non-invasive practice helps to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit, creating a sense of well-being in the client. With its unique combination of ancient wisdom and modern healing modalities, Usui Tibetan Reiki is a powerful way to restore health and vitality.

Zodiac Chart

Intuitive Astrology

Intuitive Astrology is an ancient practice that uses the power of the stars, archetypes, cycles, and seasons to provide insight into personal growth and understanding. It combines traditional astrology with tarot and oracle cards to gain a deeper awareness of the client's birth chart. Through contemplation and reflection, Intuitive Astrology provides a roadmap for the client to understand themselves and their journey better.

Semicircle of Crystals

Sound Healing

Sound Healing with Lisette offers a powerful restorative experience that brings balance and harmony to the body and mind. Lisette creates a calming atmosphere conducive to relaxation and deep restorative states by using various instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, chimes, a gong, and other tools. Through her guided visualization and meditation, she helps you experience sound's healing power.

Working with Lisette was such a pleasure. She was extremely professional & made me feel very comfortable. I felt a true connection while Reiki was being performed & left feeling lighter. I would recommend Lisette to anyone looking for an amazing Reiki experience. 💜🙌🏻

Karen T.

Upcoming Community Events

Lisette offers events as she is intuitively guided by divine inspiration. Her process in creating and hosting is unique to ensure she is in sync with the Divine and offering the best heart-centered community events. If you want to stay current on upcoming events, join the community! The calendar will be updated as events are created.

Want to join the community?

Life is better when we embrace our community!

I believe community is the seed of remembrance. The reminder that we are never alone is so important to know. The community can always be found everywhere if we only see it. I invite you to join the Illuminating Crossroads community if you want support along your spiritual evolution. Join the tribe to stay updated with offerings and events and receive the divine guidance channeled through me.

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