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Cosmic Gem #1

It's not about transcending the energies but understanding how to navigate the cosmic web. Once we know the different archetypes and learn how to embody them and manifest or unmanifest them, that is true liberation and freedom. Free to experience and understand all aspects of the creator in many forms. There is a beautiful dance by the cosmos for us, and whether or not we are ready to observe and enjoy the show of experience is the actual question.

The goal was never to move without but to move within. The journey in oneself is the most authentic gift of this experience. Once we remember all we have to offer is observation, perspective, and service, we move past the obstacles this physical life brings. When we believe we are this, we are limited by this, just as we think we need to define ourselves. Freedom is understanding how we attune to these things and how we may attune ourselves differently in a state of awareness—changing our karma.

Remembering to let go of what we are not and what we think we are in this life is the true gem of this experience.


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