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Get Ready for the New Moon in Virgo: See How to Make the Most of It on September 14, 2023

The New Moon in Virgo is a great time to assess the fruits of your efforts to honor the long-term goals you are working towards, with clarity of focus and planning a course of action. Many of us have been reflecting and looking back on our past actions, choices, and relationships during this year of 2023. Allowing us to become aware of the parts of life we are experiencing that light us up or make us feel like we have lost the magic and mystery within the mundane.

This New Moon is an invitation to step into the purity of our Soul's Voice and honor what it communicates to us as we work towards being the highest expression of ourselves possible in each moment and allowing for optimal awareness of our health, vitality, and honoring the effort we put forth to enjoy our harvest.

This New Moon is the in-between of the birthing from the purity of our hearts.

What does the New Moon in Virgo represent?

The Moon represents our emotional body, subconscious mind, and instincts. She supports our intuitive sense and allows us to be receptive to the subtle essence of our body, mind, and soul. The Moon shows us how we nurture ourselves and what provides us with a sense of safety, comfort, and emotional fulfillment.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign and yin polarity ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is presently in the zodiac sign of Virgo during this New Moon, so it is part of the alchemy of this upcoming cycle. However, Mercury will still be retrograde when the Moon reaches its exact conjunction at 21° with the Sun. That means that since the planetary ruler for Virgo is looking back, we may want to look back to the old seeds we planted and clean out the garden to better prepare for the next season to have more soil full of nutrients for future roots we want to solidify.

The harvest is essential to Virgo, and since Virgo is a mutable sign, this is a time when we will already be working with what we have to plan for what is to come next. To get more organized, create more precise plans towards goals, check in with our health, and establish more supportive routines that allow us to be pure in our Divine Essence.

What are the insights and guidance for this New Moon in Virgo?

Now is the time to release the past. We can only allow the past to control our present reality for so long until fate intervenes. Allow the courage and insight you gathered from Venus Retrograde to be a support system for you. You already know what you want, so now is the time to adjust and make the soil of your desires fertile again. If any negative self-talk, judgment, or aspects of you are in a lack mentality, release them now into the cosmic fires to be purified. We are presently in a potent time, and things are manifesting quickly, so allow your manifestations to come from a place of Love and Wholeness.

If you are working towards something but have yet to have clarity of vision, allow yourself to shift into being more receptive throughout your day during this New Moon, so your spiritual team may send you signs and guide you on what you are trying to find solutions for. This next chapter, individually and collectively, will take bravery and passion to carry us all to the realization of what we are working towards for the good of all.

If you have been leaning into co-dependency within your relationships, it is best to establish better boundaries with everyone involved. If you continue relying on these old habits, you might miss the magical prepping window for your bigger-picture goals. Be honest about what you want within your life and communicate it clearly with those who are near and dear to you. You will be surprised how things unfold with you honoring your willpower and truth.

Question for contemplation:

  • What habits must I release to bring about more flow within my life?

  • How have I been tending to the health of my body, mind, and spirit?

  • What has my role within the community been? Am I happy with it, or do I want to make changes?

  • Have my relationships been serving me and my growth or holding me back?

  • Do I trust myself and my intuition?

  • What does it mean to be patient and enjoy the process?

Happy New Moon!♡

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